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Rider Updates

Mar 29 2014

03/09/14 TWMX Winter Cup Rnd 6 I went 2-2 for 2nd overall. Won points championship for the Br/Amt Open 65 Winter Cup.

Nov 11 2013

Having my first training lesson with Rod Tapia at Milestone MX

Oct 27 2013

Went to Lucas Oil MX Park to ride their new 65/85 track. Had a good practice session. Track was prepped well but could have been chopped up a little so some ruts could form. This is how it was before too, gets blue grooved. Size is OK for 50cc, and 65cc but might seem a little small for 85cc and 150cc bikes. There was nothing too hard on the track to handle.

Aug 18 2013

This was race #5 the last race of the TWMX Summer Series. I got 1st in moto #1. Moto 2 the bike wheelied swapped out right out of the gate and I went down. I got back up and came in 4th getting 3rd overall. I ended up in 2nd place in the points series.

Aug 4 2013

Today was race #4 of the TWMX Summer Series. In moto #1 I got the hole shot and was going back and forth with the 2nd place rider. The last lap I got caught behind a lapper and I couldn't make up the difference before the finish line so I ended up in 2nd place. Moto #2 I got the hole shot again and lead for 3 laps then the 2nd place rider paced me. The last lap the 1st place rider went down and I was in 1st place. A few turn later I got passed by the 2nd place rider and ended up in 2nd. I took 2nd overall. The track was way muddy the first moto since we were race #1. Moto #2 it was dry and slippery with muddy spots.  A lot of riders went down in both moto's but I managed to keep it on 2 wheel.

Jul 14 2013

Race #2 of the Transworld Muscle Milk Summer Series was at Perris MX and I went 1 and 1 for 1st overall. The track was a little slippery and many of the riders went down here and there but I was able to ride fast enough to stay up and be consistent .

Jun 16 2013

First race of the TWMX Muscle Milk Summer Series I got moved up to the Amateur 65 class. I came in 3rd in both moto's getting 3rd overall. This race was at Milestone MX on the Vet track. Next race is July 14th at Perris MX.

Jun 16 2013

Next race TWMM Summer Series

May 19 2013

Race #6 final race of the TWMX Spring Series I got 4th in both motos getting 4th overall. Race was at Competitive Edge on the Hillside Track.

I finished 1st in the points for the Spring series.

May 18 2013

Race #5 I finished 2nd in moto 1 and 5th in moto 2 getting a 3rd overal

May 5 2013

Today the Transworld Muscle Milk Spring Series was at Milestone MX on the Vet track. The first Moto I got the hole shot and lead the whole way getting 1st place. The second Moto I got the hole shot again and was leading till the last lap. In the whoop section I got a bad kick and got a little sideways. That sent me towards the edge of the track where there is a lip of soft dirt. I tried hitting the gas to go through the soft stuff but the bars ended up turning on me and I took the bar end in the stomach. I got the wind knocked out of me for a second but it was a good thing I was wearing my Moto Armour Vest or it would have been worse. Ended up 7th overall. Next race will be at Competitive Edge on May 18th & 19th.

Apr 14 2013

Today was race #3 of the Transworld Muscle Milk Spring Series and I went 1 and 2 getting 1st overall. Got a good start in moto one coming out in second and got the hole shot in moto 2. My next race will be at Milestone.

Apr 7 2013

I had a pretty good race today. First moto I came in 1st place and the second moto I came in 3rd. i got 1st Overall in my class. Next race is April 14th 2013 at Glen Helen.

Apr 2 2013

My next race TWMX Muscle Milk Spring Series at Perris on 04/07/2013

Mar 24 2013

Today I raced in the Transworld Muscle Milk Spring Series at Cahuilla Creek MX. The first moto I came in 2nd place and the third moto I came in 3rd place. I ended up 2nd overall. I was so stocked since this was my first time riding on this track.