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Personal History

Hello, My name is Brent Heintzelman. I live in Pa. I race 250c and schoolboy1. I have been racing motocross for 2 years and riding dirt bikes for 4 years.I love this sport because the compeition and also the motovation to win. You workout and then give it all you got on the track.

Riding Goals

I plan to hop on the yz125 and get some wins!

Competitive Highlights

Well we were at Evansville mx park. i was racing jr-mini 9-13. no one showed up it was just me and one other kid. I got the holeshot and We battled the whole first moto. He was in 1st every lap i was just eating dirt in my face. On the last lap he went outside and made a mistake i cut in and passed him. I won the 1st moto. Then in the 2nd moto I got the holeshot again and this time i didnt want to let him by me. I lead the whole race but he wasnt far behind.