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Personal History

Well, I started out doing bmx along with my brother. My father was largely into bmx in the 70s-80s and a little in the 90s. He was #2 in California and traveled around the country doing races, so when he found out he was going to have a son, my older brother and then later me; he was excited. As soon as we were no longer using training wheels, we were racing, he then wanted us to start into motocross but my mother said a flat no, he still bought us dirtbikes any way though. Finally my mother caved and my father started taking me to tracks at 6, my brother who was 13 at this time was doing his own thing and didn't want to do bmx or motocross. I have been riding at tracks for 8 years on 85s and now 250s, I just got into racing this year because my mother was afraid of the injuries of racing and now that I was 14 she allowed it. When I had told my motocross friends that I  was racing they were excited and asked what class I was going to be in. I told them 250 beginner, they gave me a blank look and asked why, they all believed I should have picked 250c or open c because of my skill, but I replied "I've never raced before, I've only watched, I don't know what its like to be at the gate and through the first corner, that's why I picked 250 beginner."

Riding Goals

I would like to place highly in C class races and eventually race in the 250 B class, but that's if I'm lucky.