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Personal History

I started racing in 2019 riding a 2001 Honda CR 125 R. I only raced at berm benders raceway riding C class. I wasn’t that fast, I was towards the back of the pack maybe mid pack but I was watching other faster people ride and how the rode. Soon I was mid pack and soon after that I was top C class rider. Then in 2020 I got my 250 and I got faster. I was Top C class every once in a while I was in the top mid pack. In school boy 2 I was one of the top riders. Towards the end of the year I was first in points in school boy 2. In the last race of the year I broke my femur, collarbone, shoulder blade, and tibia. After the doctor cleared me I got a training right away during the winter. I was fixing and improving my writing to be faster. Then wants 2021 racing season started I moved up to B class. And now I’m one of the faster riders in B class.

Riding Goals

I want to be a pro rider or at least go to Loretta Lynn’s.

Competitive Highlights

When I pulled multiple or shots on a class riders and doing three out of four holeshots a weekend in one year.