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Personal History

I'm from st. paul minnesota,I started riding when I was 5 and raced a few races every year in district 23. Not competing as much as i would i have liked to due to money, but i practiced a lot. My first full season was 2001 when I was 11 I raced the whole season on a KX 65 and got 10th out 86. then raced 80's a few years not doing as good as I would I have liked to. When I was 16 I raced C Class on a KX 250f and put in some good results, I loved having a big bike. Then I joined the Army when I was 17, that took up the whole summer. Ive been kinda busy since then racing as much as i could. In the spring of 2010 I went to Iraq and returned spring 2011. I now have a new suzuki 450 and im racing every weekend now in B class in district 23, more determined then I have ever been. Going for the W

Riding Goals

 I recently returned home from Iraq and bought a new RMZ 450 and it is awesome. Ive been racing as much as i can now and doing great. I'm top 5 in B class right now and by the end of this year my goal is to win every race.

Competitive Highlights

District 23 MN. motocross series 2001 I got 10th place in 65cc class

In 2008 I won 5 out 10 races I entered in District 23