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Personal History

I started riding when I was about 8 and instantly was addicted. I started racing and attended Ponca a few times over the years. In my early twenties I became pretty competitive until my best friend was paralyzed while qualifying for Lorettas in the pro class. I took about 10 years off until recently. I never realized how much I missed it until I borrowed a bike and got back out. It immediately came back to me and was in me again. I have a 3 year old now who is absolutely obsessed with his KTM Stacyc. So much so that I built him a small figure 8 track in the pasture with a few jumps. We’ve got my wife on board as well. She’s accepting the fact that she’s a moto mom/wife now. 

Riding Goals

My goals for 2021 and beyond are to become competitive agin in the 30+ class. I just picked up a bike from Munn Racing and looking forward to hitting a few races with those guys. I’m mainly focused on getting back to riding solid motos and staying healthy. I forgot how much work it is and it starts in the gym and at the table. So this is a lifestyle goal as well, to be back in shape. 

Competitive Highlights

Multiple C class wins in my twenties. 
Multiple time Ponca qualifier
Top 5 O’Rielly Amateur Arena-Cross series