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Personal History

I am 12 years old and going into the 7th grade at Freeport Middle School. I love riding dirtbikes, playing baseball and football. I have two cool cats named Spooky and Luke. We also have 10 chickens that my Dad has me take care of. My first bike was a crf50 and I fell in love with motocross. I had a small track in the yard and I would ride lap after lap until it got dark. We lived on a busy street and didnt have a garage and somebody stole my bike, that was the worst feeling ever! After that I got a KTM 65sx. I wasn't used to the 2 stroke and shifting so I got a KLX110. On my first ride it broke down on me and my Dad rebuilt it to a 155cc and made it a manual transmission. I mastered the manual transmission and out grew the bike. I now ride a 2022 KTM 85sx 19/16. I LOVE IT! We have moved to a bigger property and my Dad is in the process of building me a practice track modeled after the Arlington TX supercross track! We currently have 100 yards of red clay we are going to use to build some jumps so I can master those next. I have been to a few local tracks in the area and I am wanting to start racing. My friend Halo "Pirate" Densley has been coming over and helping me improve my skills.

I am always wanting to ride and improve my skills. Thanks for taking the time to consider me to advertise your brands at my future races!


Riding Goals

Finish top 10 in my first race in the Alabama MX series.

Place top 5 in next years MX series in Alabama.