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Personal History

Well I’ll start out by saying home my name is Bryce Conn, an I am 14 years old 

So my personal history is that my dad and my grandpa and mom got me started at the age of 5 yrs old I started harescrambles on a Yamaha ttr 50cc lol and I liked bein on the bike for an hour so I did that until I was 11 then took off for two years cause I jus wanted to be a kid ok so before I took those two years off I then graduated from the TTR 50 to a KTM 50 sx senior so the following year I raced in the 65cc class with my 50sx and 2015 season and the 2016 season took a 1st place finish in the 65cc class then jumped up to the 65cc class so I got my new ktm 65 at the end of the previous season so I raced the whole season and added another 1st for the year and also for 2017 season also then in 2018 I grew 6.5 in and got a ktm 85sx a 2019 model and I started that year off and had already had missed two races but by mid season I was back up to fourth in points I believe I was only a couple from third so the next race I took first and managed to get not only 3rd but second in points and I did try like hell I fell short like 39 pts so that year I finally took second and that’s when I decided to take a break my parents are and we’re super cool about the whole thing and I jus can’t say enough on how they are the biggest key of how good I became and my dad stopped kinda racing to be my coach mechanic and trainer and dad at the end of the day my dad would literally have to peel me off the bike I used to get insane amounts of seat time with the help of my grandpa he built a track on his land he has so a big thanks to all of them they make it happen and with that said now in 2021 I started racing MX cause I wanted to be better and race against some of the better skilled kids my age and so far I like it and now I’m doing that on my 2018 KTM 125cc so I race the schoolboy class and 125cc so looking forward to the experience.