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Rider Updates

Dec 6 2012

Hey everyone, I would like to give a shout out and a big thanks to two new sponsors, JT Racing and 100%.

JT Racing has a long and storied history in motocross, and I feel they really have the coolest gear of 2013, and the Classick is stylish as well as a tribute to their heritage in the 70's and 80's.

100% goggles as well, has tradition and history on their side, The goggles look awesome and are second to none.

I have been a fan of both companies for some time, and I'm thrilled to be associated with them and a part of their amateur team.

Dec 5 2012

I'm so excited.  Saw the doctor today, and got the cast on my left arm removed, and am no longer in the wheelchair.
Have about a month of physical therapy, and then can start riding again.  Can hardly wait.

Nov 29 2012

Just a few more days!!!   Have a doctors appointment on December 5th, and should get the cast off my arm, and be out of the wheel chair.  Don't know when I'll be able to start working out and riding again, but should have a better idea on Wednesday.

Oct 25 2012

Well, the Rio Bravo round of the Main Event on October 6th, didn't go so well.
Got a second place start, and moved into the lead by lap 2, but on lap 3 lost control and had a bad crash.  Was thrown off to the left of the bike, hit a tree and ended up at the bottom of a 10' gulley.

Broke both arms and fractured my pelvis.  Going to be ok, but will be in a wheelchair for a few more weeks.   But hey, I did make the Motocross Action Midweek Update last week!  
Doing well overall, feeling better each day, and started back to school on Monday.   Hopefully be able to start riding again around the first of the year.

Looking forward to coming back in 2013, and would like to thank all my sponsors for all the support in 2012.  

Oct 2 2012

Looking forward to Round 5 of the Main Event this Saturday, at Rio Bravo MX Park.   Hasn't worked out to make the previous rounds, but have a new bike, and geared up for the last two rounds.

Also a big thanks to 100% for their support.   I'm proud to be a part of their pack, and stoked about the new goggles.

Sep 3 2012

Raced round two of the B&C Back to School Championship last night.
It was a fun night of racing.  Enter the 250 Beg and 450 Beg, and won all 4 motos.
Hung out with some friends and had a great time.

Aug 28 2012

We picked up my new 2013 KX250F on Friday.   Awesome is the only word to describe it.  Got to take a first ride on Sunday at Three Palms on the Royal Purple Main track.  Can't wait for this Saturday, September 1st, for round two of the B&C MX Park Back to School Championship. 
Really looking forward to a great fall/winter racing season, and moving up a class soon.

Feb 26 2012

Got my first moto win today in Round 6 of the Houston Holeshot Series at Rio Bravo Motocross Park.   After all the rain the last few weeks, Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day for a race, and the Rio Bravo track was in excellent condition.

In moto one, got a decent start, and worked my way to the front by the end of lap one, and went on to take my first moto win.  Moto 2 worked out to be a replay of one, and finished 1-1 for my first overall. 

Oct 16 2011

Finished with a 4th overall at round 6 of the Main Event series, at Rio Bravo MX Park in Houston.  Got a decent start in the main moto, sowewhere around 10 - 12, but worked my way up to 4th by the end.  25 Entries

Sep 3 2011

Went to B&C MX Park for a Saturday night race.   The crew had the track in great shape, but just as the gate was about to drop, it started a light but steady rain.  Texas really needs the rain, but hey it could have held off a few more hours.

Woudn't you know it, drew the final moto of the program.  By the time my first moto came around, it was getting pretty wet and slick. After the first half lap, goggles were so wet and muddy, I couldn't see much of anything.  Think most of it was just being so familiar with the track, I knew where everything was.  Was unable to ride at full speed, but managed a 3rd place finish.  After a short wait to see what the weather would do, the race was called after the first motos.

Aug 20 2011

Had an ok night, but overall had a great time.  Went 5-5 for 5th overall.   Didn't get very good starts, but fought my way back up.   Was only a few feet short of 4th in the second moto.

Jun 25 2011

Another Saturday night race at 3 Palms Extreme
Sports Park.
20 riders in the 250D class this time.  
Been working some on starts and they were much better this
time.  Finished 4th - 7th(after an little off track excursion in the
second moto), for 6th overall

Jun 11 2011

Raced a Saturday Night Race, at Three Palms, in Conroe, TX.  Starts again a problem, with last place starts in both motos, but made it to up 3rd in both, for 3rd oerall.  10 Entries in the class.

May 29 2011

Went to Freestone for the National, and raced Amateur Day.   It was awesome to race the same track that pros were on the day before. 

Raced the 125-450cc Beginner class.  There were 35 entries.   Again got bad starts in both motos, but made it to 16th and 14th for 14th overall. 

Feb 13 2011

Outgrew the 85, and now have a Honda CR 125.  Ready to hit the track and get some time on it!

Oct 24 2010

Made it to the final round of the main Event series, on the GP track at Three Palms in Conroe, TX.

16 Entries, another back of the pack start, but finished 7th.  Had some bike issues, and an unreleated injury, and only raced two rounds of the series.  Finished the series in 20th overall.

Aug 21 2010

First Series race.  Round 2 of the Main Event series, at B&C Motocross Park in Highlands, TX. 

22 entries in the class, got a bad start, nearly last, but made it up to 13th by the end.

May 11 2010

Had my first race Saturday May 11th.   Finished 4th overall in 85 Beginner.
It was great fun and can't wait to do it again.