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Personal History

I loveeeee ridinggggggggg! Just knowing that I bought my own 2012 kx250f and it can be out on the track right now if schoolwork wasnt first gives me the chills! I WANT TO RIDE! ALL DAY! EVERY DAY! My friend andrew knoll is building a supercross track at his farm that we are gonna be riding at everyday we dont have races and everyday after school work is done so we can ride. I eaced 65s and 85s like 4 years ago but I didnt really get into.the sport even tho I lovedddd it cause everyone I rode with had these big 450s and 250s so I was just the anoying 2 stroke out on the track haha so we sold the bike so I could go to mathnasium(a math tutoring place) well I soon relized that selling the bike was a huge mistake cause of how much I loved to ride, I asked my dad if we could get a 250 so I could ride with all my friends and he said "if u want something that bad your gonna have to buy it" well 2 days after I got a job, soon bought a truck and 3 years after my job I bought my baby, my quenn, my beautyyyy! My 2012 kx250f and must I say more this bike is insaneeeeeeeeee, getting me better everyday! Riding all the time!

Riding Goals

Get homework done so I can go rideeee and get better and better so I can meet my heros, travis pastrana and ryan villipoto! Watch there videos everyday and always find something I can improve on