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Personal History

I’m 21 years old I graduate from River View High School in 2012, I ride a 2008 Kawasaki kx 250f . im a pretty chilled active kid who doesn’t smoke or drink that means I don’t party im a nice kid and fun to hang around with . I also like to work out, wakeboard, kneeboard, tubing, snowboard, go boating and i sets achievable goals in my motocross career so ill do what ever it takes ill push my self

Riding Goals

Well last year was a learning step for me beacuse  it was my first full season to race on the big bike in the 250 D class and each race or time I rode I felt like I learned each time got faster each time but for this year I raced D class and did really good I'm going to move up to 250 C class and my goal is to just learn and be mid pack I know it's way different then D class so I'm just going in there for learning and  get faster . 

Competitive Highlights

Raced black widow series at horn rapids last year in 250 D class  and got 2nd overall in the championship