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Personal History

My name is Bubba Farrar. I live in Houston Texas. I am homeschooled. I race 250 C and 450 C. I have a trainer Kevin Johnson and I work with him on monday tuesday and wednesday. Ive got two 2010crf250s. One is a race bike and one is a stock bike.

Riding Goals

My goals are to attend all the Texas nationals,Ponca and lorretas. I was supposed to go this year in C class but unfourtnatly I ran into a string of injuries that prevented me from going. So im staying back in C instead of moving up so that I can make my chances of winning titles even greater. I feel that I have the speed and determination to win. I have a dedicated trainer for on the bike and off the bike training.

Competitive Highlights

I was running top 3 at the Freeston county national but on the last lap I ended up getting headshake up the face of a step down and before I knew it I was laying on the side of the track with a broken heel, I had the speed to win titles at the national.