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Personal History

My name is Caden Dixon. I'm from a small town in Eastern KY. Mx is life for me. I first fell in love with the sport in May of 2019. I have rode bikes as long back as I can remember but last May was the first time I ever got to race competivly. It is amazing and I absolutely love it. I race ever race that I can. My parents had me a track built in our yard where I practice daily.

Riding Goals

My goal is to keep learning and to improve each and every time I ride. If it was possible I would race motorcross 7 days a week. My biggest goal for my self is to try my best and always show good sportsmanship and thank God for always blessing me and helping me safe.

Competitive Highlights

The highlight that I'm most proud of is at my last race another bike got into me on Friday night at practice and wrecked me. When landing the footpeg on the other bike stabbed me in the stomach. It was a horrible accident that landed me in th er.After hours in the er and getting patched up I was fine. I was so determined to race Saturday night that I suited up and jumped right back on my bike.Being I didn't get to finish practice Friday I had to start in the back of the pack Saturday at race time. No gate position started third row back and keep going until i came back with a 2nd place finish out of 37 bikes.