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Personal History

Hello my name is Caleb Chester and I am in the 6th grade I am 11 years old. I have been riding every since I could hold a dirt bike up. However I have only been racing since I was 10, My favorite color is green. I was in a bad wreck 1 to 2 months ago at my house, I was going down a strait away and my dog ran out in front of me and made me tear my mcl ligament in my leg. I ended up having to have surgery and was in the hospital for two days.  It was awful, plus it knocked me out of completing the Daniels Ridge series that I was racing in.  I was disappointed but I was able to start riding again after a month.  Plus I got all kinds of attention which I loved.  haha. I decorated my crutches with decals! I am now racing in the East Bend Series. I completed the first race and won 2nd place! I like to race at East Bend ,NC. I am in boy scouts and I like to play soccer. I also love guns and knives