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Personal History

Carter was born on August 14, 2009 and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY with his mother, father, older brother, two pit bulls, tortoise, and bird.  He is

currently on his way to the first grade and is excelling very well. He loves mathematics and enjoys reading. Academics is extremly important as his

mother is a teacher. Carter has been riding since the tender age of four years old.  He practices everyday in his backyard as well as visits Englishtown

often to get some seat time.  Carter looks forward to riding and growing as a rider. He is extremely competitive and loves to learn. 


Riding Goals

Carter has shared with his family that he likes to ride because it excites him and he really loves to compete. He loves to push himself further and to see

how far he can go. Most of all Carter rides because he says, "it's FUN!". His goal this year is to compete and learn as much as he can. He really wants

to grow as a rider and observes a lot of what he sees on the track- he takes it all in!. He has set a personal goal for himself for next year. He can't seem

to stop talking about arriving at the ranch of Loretta Lynn.

Competitive Highlights

Carter has been riding for less than a year and as you can see in the events section he seems to be progressing

very well.