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Rider Updates

Nov 1 2009

Carter finished out his Team Green career (for now) with a 1-1 win on his pro circuit, Pro Action of IL & Motofab KX65.  He went 1-1 in 85 Jr on his R&D Racing, Pro Action of IL & Motofab RM85.  He went 1-1 on a YZ85 borrowed from ATVs and More in Salem, IL.  The track was near perfect.  

Oct 4 2009

Carter wrapped up his 65cc career after clinching the points in the SF championship race.  He also clinched the 85cc championship at SF as well.  SF didn't have enough gear on hand for Carter's "Roost Bucks" so he took $120 worth of candy.  He will share it with his classmates and at Branson.   

Sep 13 2009

It was a stacked field with 28 fast racers in 85 Jr and 23 in 85 Open.  

Sep 7 2009

Carter won 13 out of 14 motos.  Unfortunately, he crossrutted and high sided while leading, on the last lap.  He got up quick, but still finished 2nd.  Still with 6 out of 7 overalls and 14 straight holeshots on the Pro Action of Illinois suspended, Motofab tuned R&D Racing RM85, it was a great weekend.  

Sep 1 2009

Carter Gordon plants on going 85 only as soon as he wraps up a couple local 65cc series.  "During the last year I felt like the 65 was just too small, too slow and not that much fun anymore" Carter said.  Only the last month Carter has tested a 2008 KTM65, a 2009 KTM 65, a stock Cobra and a CARD Cobra.  He though the CARD and the 09 KTM were both very good bikes, but in the end the desire to race the 85 won out.  

Carter will continue to be sponsored by Motofab, Pro Action of IL, Scott, Phyllis Blume Photography, Gaerne, Pivot Works, Pro Taper, 751 Products, Dunlop, Decal Works, Hinson & Pit Posse.  

Aug 31 2009

Carter Gordon wins 61st career victory at CRMX.  Carter won both the 65 Jr. and the 85 Jr. races with a 2-1 finish in each class.  These were very hard fought races that required grit and determination.  Carter was under pressure each lap of all four motos.  

Aug 2 2009

The track was very good, the people were and we had a great time.  Practiced on Saturday and raced Sunday.  I'm getting my RM85 dialed in.  I need to tweak the shock a bit.  Then I should be ready to go.  

Jul 26 2009

The Pro Action of IL, Motofab, Pro Circuit powered Team Green R&R Powersports KX65 was flying for a 1-1 at Taylorville, IL.  The Pro Action of IL, Motofab, R&D Racing, KSR Wheels RM85 also finished first overall with a 2-1 finish.  Thanks to Phyllis Blume Photography, Twin Air, Osiris, Gaerne, Pro Taper and everyone else helping Carter Gordon to victory.  

Jul 22 2009

With help from R&D Racing, Pro Action of Illinois, Motofab, Phyllis Blume Photography, R&R Powersports, Gaerne, Dunlop, 751 Products, Pivot Works, Pro Taper & Decal Works, Carter Gordon will race a Suzuki RM 85.  He will finish the year also racing the 65 Jr. class on his KX65s.  He may race the spring nationals and perhaps Loretta's qualifiers on the 65s, but more than likely will only race the 85s.