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Personal History

I have been racing since I was 4 years old and I love it! I work all week so i can race on the weekends, but to me, it is sooo worth it. 

Riding Goals

Hopefully I can work my way to the top little by little.

Competitive Highlights

I have had some great competition these past few years, but this coming year I am moving up to the 125. I think the competition is definately going to increase with more aggressive riding and faster riders, but hopefully I can still come out on top.

last year was my first year on my yz250. I was finishing  at least top 5 on a regular basis. I would get a win about 3 out of 5 races and usually get at least one holeshot every weekend. I raced 125 2 stroke and 250 open. This 2015 season I am moving to 250B. I am definately excited for the competition and looking forward to the 2015 race season. I am currently redoing my bike Bottem end to top, graphics, plastics and all. Once it's back together I will be training at JWTF to get ready for the upcoming season.