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Personal History

I am 16 years old.  My dad got me my first bike when I was 4.  He and I have been riding ever since. Since it is just him and I in our family, my decision to begin competitive racing has become the focus of all our free time;

I keep a focus on my school work and my teachers and principal are big race fans.  They help me in keeping up my schoolwork while we are racing.  I try very hard at school and must keep my grades in order to continue racing.

We have a dog named Poo, and all he has ever know is motocross, so he is our mascot and travels everywhere we do.  He cannot wait ever week to go to the racetrack.

We began racing in Oklahoma in 2010, as my dad had moved us there from Prescott AZ in 2009.  There were so many tracks to go to there, but in January 2011 we moved back to Arizona and have kept a consistent racing schedule at the 5 area tracks in Arizona.  Our home track is Canyon Motocross in Peoria, AZ.

It is my goal to become a pro rider, SuperCross and retire at 25 years old;  There is no contingency schedule to this goal so I am focused on my practice, my training and my schooling.  With a little help from God, my dad, my trainer, my teachers and a few quality sponsors we can get there.  What I do know for sure is that I can do my part to the best of my abilities. 

Riding Goals

For the first time we will be competing on a National circuit.  We are aiming for Ponca and Loretta Lynn National Championship Races and all the qualifiers needed between here and there.  It is going to be a busy year, but it will sure be fun!

Competitive Highlights

I have graduated to a CRF250R four stroke machine as of September 2011.  I was forced from my beginner status into a semi-pro class because at 15 I was simply faster and better than anyone in those lower classes.  Now, I am always 2nd or 3rd in my moto's in almost every race.  My next step is a pro-class ride and I am a little intimidated by those boys at this juncture.  But not to last long, I am on my way so look out here I come!