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Rider Updates

Apr 29 2014

It has been a while from my last update but I have been training and racing every minute I get free, I have had a great time and met a lot of friends traveling and racing the circuit. More to come in the near future. I finally made a Mid East  Area LLQ this is my first time ever Qualifying and I had a lot of pressure on my to get in the Area Qualifier but sweat and determination I made it not more practice to improve.

Mar 5 2014

Well it has been awhile since I have updated everyone but I have been training every minute I can and all the hard work is showing as I raced my first race of the season and finished 3rd and 8th overall. The 65cc class is going to be a very challenging year as everyone is super fast and I am hoping that I will gain more momentum and keep my standings up.

Jan 5 2014

I had an awesome weekend at South of the Border training. It was very cold with alot of rain which made the track real rough and huge ruts. I made alot of improvements from Oct til now. I will be hitting some track hopefully next week to prepare for Qualifiers. Pics to come.

Chance Markland

Dec 31 2013

Last weekend we went to Bennicks MX in NC to practice on Sand tracks to get me ready for the season and enjoyed getting to ride on my 2 bikes that my dad rebuilt and the new Suspension from GForce Suspension. Both bikes screamed and I look forward to racing this coming season. I will be going to S.O.B for training this weekend and then Sunday we will be stopping by Wide Open MX in Raeford NC for more sand track practice. Stay tuned and check out some pics.


Dec 1 2013

I started racing a FMF Indoor Series race this weekend and so far I like it and for the first time ever running a Indoor race. I just want to race all I can thru the winter to be able to keep building on my skill level and hopefully have a great start in February in the Mega Series and hopefully I will get thru the Area and Regional Qualifiers.

Nov 24 2013

   I wanted to say thanks to all my Sponsors for the 2013 year. My racing would not be a success if it wasn't for everyone's interest in me. I am already preparing for the upcoming 2014 year and ready to promote everyone's products.

Thanks Chance Markland #2 KTM

Thor Mega Series

3rd Overall 10-11 65cc Limited

5th Overall 7-11 D 65cc  Limited Races stepped up to unlimited

Nov 17 2013

Well just back from a weekend of practicing in Virginia and North Carolina traveled over 700+miles and 2 tracks to keep everything different. I had a great weekend and picked up alto of speed and corner speed. Hoping to head out in a few days to another track to spend some time improving my skills. Pics will be going up so check out a few new pics and videos. Thanks

Nov 11 2013

Added up some pics and videos of training at South of the Border MX

Nov 3 2013

I got back from South of the Border lastnight and I had a blast. I was given the tools to make me faster and more productive on the Bike. The cornering and the little things I was lacking have made me more confident on the bike. I would like to thank all the staff at S.O.B. and all my sponsors that help me have a safe and productive weekend. More to come in the next few months as I will be racing some indoor series races and alot of track time practicing.

Oct 27 2013

Well I have had a great 2 weekends of racing to finish up the season, still waiting on the final points for the year in both Series. Dad and I are going to South of the Border  for some Training starting Friday and ending Saturday. I really want to improve my riding skills over the Winter months so I can come out wide open the start of the 2014 season. Stay tuned for future updates.

Oct 19 2013

Well I have to say Chance Markland has stepped up his racing skills this weekend at Muddy Creek and has done his PB as far as Mega Series goes finishing a 2nd and 3rd overall and his his first 2 holeshots in the Mega. And finally doubled the Bomber and riding very well on the rest of the track also hopefully he will step up his game a lil more tomorrow and finish 1 or 2 and that would end the season with great accomplishment!

Thanks go to Gary Hinkle at GForce Suspension for the smooth ride, ProTaper, Leatt brace, Twin Air,Risk Racing,Oneal,Matrix Concepts &1.7 Cleaning Solutions,Smith Optics,ASV Inventions for all the great products that we use.

Oct 13 2013

Here is a few hometown articles from my local newspaper from previous races this year.

Article Preview
Racin’ with Rick: Markland
By Rick Sheek
Chance Markland continued to dominate the Victory Sports Hot Summer Nights Supercross Series last Saturday at the Appalachian Fairgrounds in Gray.
Markland, from Elizabethton, recorded first-place finishes in 65cc (10-11s) and 65cc D Beginner. The KTM racer also swept the four motos.

Article Preview
By Rick Sheek
The series hasn’t competed the past two Saturdays. In the last event, at I-81 Motorsports Park in Greeneville. Elizabethton’s Chance Markland, on a KTM, is third in 65cc (7-9s).

On the local motocross scene, Jacob Austin of Jonesborough racked up this past Saturday in the Hot Summer Night Series at the Appalachian Fairgrounds.
Other local winners included: Chandler Carver of Jonesborough (51cc Multi-Speed), Chance Markland of Elizabethton (65cc Beginner), -

Round 10 of the Hot Summer Nights Motocross Series took place this past Saturday night at the Appalachian Fairgrounds.
Chance Markland of Elizabethton were winners among the younger riders.

Local motocross racers took to the Appalachian Fairgrounds this past Saturday night for Round No. 12 of the Hot Summer Nights Series.
Other local winners included: Chandler Carver of Jonesborough (51cc/Shaft Stock), Chance Markland of Elizabethton (65cc Beginner), Chris Morelock of Johnson City (85cc Beginner), and Chris Furches of Jonesborough (ATV Youth 60-90).

Jonesborough riders Jacob Austin, Alex Dorton and Chandler Carver won two races apiece this past Saturday in Round No. 14 of the Hot Summer Nights Motocross Series at the Appalachian Fairgrounds. 
Other winners included Keith Hensley of Johnson City in the 40+ division, and Chance Markland of Elizabethton who won both motos in 65cc Unl

Oct 5 2013

I had a great night of racing here at a small local track. I came in 3rd overall in 65cc 10-11 some of that was my fault from a bad gate drop and 2 spin outs from the track being like shiny concrete and alot of moisture falling tonight it was like glass. But I redeemed myself with a 1st overall in Unlimited. There were some stiff competition but with steady pressure I over took the lead and finished out the race with a "W".

Aug 29 2013

I got my Bike back from GForce Suspension lastnight. Gary freshened up the forks and replace a seal head and freshened up the rear shock. I am racing a local Hot Summer Night Race Saturday Night and then leaving from there and drive down to Windy Hills in Ellerbe NC for a Mega Series Race. Making up points for the 3 races I missed earlier in the season with a broken are is hard but I am scrambling to get in 2nd in 2 series. I am determined to get there and with some hard racing and long days and nights of traveling the Interstates with my dad "Crew Chief" I can accomplish my goal for the year. Look back for updates!

Aug 26 2013

Had a great time at Birch Creek MX in Danville VA this past weekend. Track was really fast and knarly in some sections but overall was a great track with this being my first time on the track. Had some mechanicial issues the last moto but managed to squeeze out a solid 3rd place overall in my last moto. I will be racing a local race on this Saturday the 31st and when I finish that race we are loading up and driving to Windy Hills MX in Ellerbe NC to race a Mega Series race on Sunday morning so I am sure I will be tired and wore out from racing and traveling alot of miles in a 24hr period and back to school on Monday morning but I love this sport and willing to sacrifice my time to improve my skills and riding ability rather than play a game on the tv anyday. Braaaap Braaaap

Jul 11 2013

Super Stoked about this weekend this is my first big race back from my wrist injury. I have been practicing all week and hopefully get some good holeshots and turn some fast lap times..

Jul 6 2013

Had an awesome night tonight. I had 4 of 6 holeshots and had first 3 motos were 1,1,1 and ended up with 2nd,1st,2nd. I had the slat race won til I took a crash on the back side of the track which have very little lighting and bike slid off in the holding pond but got bike up and caught back up and had an over all finish of 2nd. I was really wanting the triple overall win of 1st but this is by far the best  for me. Want to say THANKS to all my Sponsors for making my dream come true and helping me get to where I am today after being off the bike for 7 weeks with a broken arm.

Jul 3 2013

Had an awesome weekend of racing. I got to race in another class 85-150 air cooled with my pit bike and was battling for 1st place over all and my chain came off on the 3rd lap so I didn't finish too well  but I did have alot of fun and just want to race all I can to get built back up to where I was before I broke my left arm.

In practicing this week I have been training with some really fast racers and doing 30 min motos to regain my stamina so I won't get tired during a race.

After this weekend of racing here local I will be going back on the road to the next Mega Series Race it will be fun racing on the big tracks.


Jun 20 2013

Well good news. I have been released from my Doctor to return to racing. I have already returned this week to practicing and getting my arm muscles built back up and I will be racing this weekend this will be my first time back in 7 weeks. Hope everything goes well and can't wait til the gate drop!!


Chance Markland

KTM #2

May 20 2013

I had my post op check up today and the Doctor was pleased the way it is healing and I have to return in 2 weeks for another Xray and hopefully a shorter cast and hopefully by June 17th it will be removed. I will keep an update going. Thanks Chance KTM #2

May 7 2013

Update from this past weekend. We went to Palmetto MX in Gaston SC and had a bad crash on Saturday that resulted in a broken Radius of the left arm. I will be having it set tomorrow and hopefully a fast recovery so I can get back out on the track and races. I will be missing the Thor Mega Series race during the Ford Nationals at Muddy Creek Raceway the first weekend of June but should be back on track by June 14th. Doctor said 4-6 weeks for full recovery. I will be keeping an update. Thanks Chance

Apr 5 2013

Getting ready for Saturday practice of Rd #3 of Thor Mega Series at Muddy Creek Raceway. It is going to be a awesome weekend as temps are expected to be in low 70's.




GForce Suspension

Smith Optics

ASV Inventions


Pro Taper

Apr 5 2013

Update from this March 29-30th. I went to Wide Open MX Park in Raeford NC for my first experience on a clay/sand track and all I can say is WOW what a great track it was. It was awesome and I really got to feel the difference from a loam type track v/s sand. Sand helped me with my balance/control in and out of the corners, straight away speed was awesome and I really met alot of good friend that are veteran riders and Ricky Johnson for the picture.


Thanks Jeff and Helen Benrud (Wide Open MX Park) GForce Suspension, O’Neal, Smith Optics, ASV for a great ride.



GForce Suspension

Smith Optics

ASV Inventions


Pro Taper

Mar 24 2013

Just getting back from Lazy River Rance in Chatsworth GA. What a trip it has been, woke up this morning and the track was just about under water from the heavy rains we received Saturday Night and Sunday morning. The race was postponed for a few hours and then out we went, mudfest it was! I finished 4th and 6th overall and I was having fun every minute I was out there. I posted up a few pictures so check them out please.


Chance Markland




Smith Optics


Mar 10 2013

I added a few pictures and videos from today at Hidden Acres MX track. Getting ready for race in 2 weeks.

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