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Personal History

I am the first person in my entire family to have any interest in riding dirt bikes.  I have had this interest from the first moment I received my first bicycle. My dad tells the story often as to how I always told the neighbors in the neighborhood that my bicycle was my dirt bike.  When I was 10, we finally moved into an area where my dad thought we could finally ride an actual dirt bike and not get yelled at by the neighbors. We found out that that was not completely true, but at least some of the neighbors liked me and showed an interest in my accomplishments.  It was a 1999 KTM 65. It wasn't  much to look at, but I had fun learning how to ride.  I was ten years old when I raced my first race. It was a GP race that was part motocross and part woods racing.  I had a good friend who wanted to do it with me too, but he chickened out at the last minute and I had to do the race with no one that I knew.  I did two laps, and after falling several times decided I had enough and called it a day.   But I didn't lose the interest to keep trying.  A couple years later, I convinced my dad that I would run an entire race and not quit. I was starting to grow out of the 65, so he purchased a 2006 KX85. I loved that bike because it had the Monster Energy graphics and it was sweet.  We raced a couple of races that year and I showed that I could do it and had a blast.  In 2012, we as a family decided that I would chase championship points, and as a rookie, I rode in four separate classes in two different series.  Part way through the year for my birthday, I was surprised with a 2008 CRF150RB.  I don't really like red , but loved the power of the bike.  The year proved to be a lot more racing than what I had thought it would be, but my dad said the only way I would be able to keep up with kids that had been racing for years and had shown more experience was for me to race as many races as possible to gain some seat time.  I successfully ended the year with two points championships and two runner ups, wow, couldn't even believe I could pull this off as a rookie.  Now for 2013 I am building upon what I have learned and am in the points championship hunt for 6 classes between three different series.

Riding Goals

To be a repeat Points Champion

To be top 5 in the Buckeye State Series

To travel outside of Ohio to compete at some Pro National races on amateur day

To qualify for Loretta Lynns

Competitive Highlights

2012 Fast Traxx Series Champion

2012 Ohio County Fair Series Champion