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Personal History

I have been riding and racing for about 20 years now, since I started riding my XR100. I worked my way up from a beginner to the point of making some money at local Pro Arenacross events. During this whole time, I have been going to school (I am now in my last year of my B.A. in Business) and working to pay for both school and riding. Over the last few years, I haven't had the free time to make it to races, but I still go out and ride the motocross tracks every week if possible and meet up with many local riders in the community. I also started working at the parts department at the main dealership in my town, so I have the opportunity to talk with and make suggestions to hundreds of people every month, and it has been the next best thing to happen to me since I started motocross. When I am done with school I will hopefully get back into racing, and get back to the days where I could ride for hours and not feel like an old man in the morning.

Riding Goals

I hope that this next summer I will regain most of the speed I had before I had to give up riding time for school. It bugs me to feel slow and not be able to ride the track as hard as I used to, so I will be getting back into the gym start the path back to my riding peak. At this point, if I can get that back and ride with my friends and have fun again, I'll be happy.

Competitive Highlights

When I was racing Arenacross in Western Washington, I picked up the sport extremely quick. My first year, I took 3rd in the 125 Beginner class on board a CRF230, hardly a bike that should've been able to keep up, but I stayed consistent and it paid off. The next year, I bought a CRF250 and I won the 125 Intermediate class and the Open Intermediate class after the 14 race series. That same year, i also took on a couple motocross events and took top 15 finishes in both the Junior and Intermediate classes. The last year I raced arenacross, I won the 125 Expert and Open Expert classes after 13 races and took 2nd in only 4 races. During that season, we also had some local pro riders show up and we ran five 20-lap main events and I won 3 and took 2nd in the other 2. I haven't made it back to that level in a couple years, but I still make my presence known at the track, and I still bench race every chance I get.