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Personal History

i am 13 years old i started riding when i was 11 and a half on christmas day 2007 when my dad bought me a 2007 klx 110 and i have loved dirt bikes ever since. I rode that 110 for 5 months and then my dad decided i was too fast for it and bought me a 1992 kx 80 (2 stroke of course). So i rode that bike for about a year. Then in May 2009 we got me my friend Kimo Combs (An awesome rider who has raced at loreta lynns and ponca city multiple times on his multiple 85s) and so we bought me one of his stock 85s since he is now on 250s and the 85 we got for me was his stock 2005 kx 85 that has been to many big events such as loretta lynns, ponca city, world mini's at las vegas, and more. And that is the bike i am still riding today December 12, 2009. I also ride/race my dads 2006 kx 450f and my uncles 2008 crf 250x.

Riding Goals

Some of my goals are to be successful in the 85 intermediate class. Another goal is to make my whip better so that people can oooh and aaah over it. Another goal is to win the worcs race and the worcs hare scramble the following weekend at Straddleline, Wa. Another goal is to improve my 4th place at Washougal and turn it into a 1st place. Another goal is to be successful in the 250 as well as the 450 beginner classes.

Competitive Highlights

Almost getting the holeshot at Washougal would be one of them. Getting the holeshot and almost winning my first race at Woodlands winter cup series race # 3 but instead of getting that win in the thick mud, I crashed with half a lap to go and broke my clutch perch and my entire clutch lever just fell off, I WAS PISSED.