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Rider Updates

Nov 27 2007

Hello everyone
Although the results might not show it, I feel I'm riding better each race, and I continue my work out program each day. Round 4 at Woodland was a muddy mess, but a lot of fun. I went down pretty hard at Clark County while running in 2nd, but bounced back up and saved a 5th the first moto, getting a 3rd in the second moto for 4th overall. That was my first race indoors and I learned a lot. Starts are VERY important!!
Well, that's all for now, keep riding and have fun.

Oct 29 2007


The first two rounds of the 2007 - 2008 Woodland MX Park winter series are over, 12 more to go! I'm riding two classes now, to gain more experience and get stronger. I race the Womens class and the 125 beginner class. There was 16 girls the first round, and 19 on the second round and I ended up 12th and 14th. The 125 beginner is always full, so I'm getting some good experience. Still working out daily and riding as much as possible, working towards finishing in the top 5 by the end of the series. That's all the news I have for now, ride often and have fun!

Oct 14 2007

Finished the last series of the summer this weekend and what fun it was. Washougal MX ran round 4 and 5 and while Sat. morning was a real mess, Sun. was a perfect end to the season (weather wise). Sat. started out fairly muddy under blue skies, but the track ended up in good shape and the womens class was the largest of the day with 16 of us. Although I felt I rode well, I ended up 15th.
Sun. there was 12 of us and I ended up 11th. Not where I wanted to be, but I tried hard, gained some experience, and had fun. The winter opener at Woodland is this coming weekend, so it's on to another series.
Ride often and have fun!

Oct 9 2007

I am so excited, Washougal is having round 4 and 5 this Sat. and Sun. and the weather looks like it is going to be good. I have been practicing and working out these last few weeks and I am really looking forward to getting out on the track. This weekend means summer is officially over, as Woodland Winter track starts next weekend. My results haven't been as good as I would have liked, but I am having fun, getting stronger, gaining confidence, and looking forward to a good series this winter. Well , I will report back after this weekend.
Ride often and have FUN!
Chelsie Rose

Sep 26 2007

Hello again.

It's been a long road since I hurt my shoulder, but I'm enjoying the trip, and having fun. We went to a new track last weekend, Ward Creek MX in Raymond Wa. I loved the track, it was really fun. There were 7 girls in my class, and I ended up 5th overall, but my dad said I was riding really well. I found it's kind of hard to go to a new track, get 3 laps of practice, then go out and race.
Still training as much as possible, kind of tough with school, but I still stretch every night, work out with weights, and try to run at school. Patiently waiting for the rains so I can ride on our small track.
Well, ride often and have fun.
Bye bye

Jul 16 2007

It's the halfway point in July and I have raced P.I.R. twice, Washougal once, and Mtn. View once. Racing P.I.R. again this Thurs. and Albany ( where I dislocated my shoulder April 1st ) on Sunday. Progress has been a little slower than I would have liked, but I continue to workout and train hard during the week, then just try to get my confidence back when I race. Working on getting my speed back up to where it was before the crash, riding smooth, and being strong. The Washougal National amatuer days are getting closer, July 26 - 28, and my goal is to finish in the top 20 out of the 40 signed up. Have a great day, and good luck at the races.
Chelsie Rose

Jun 28 2007

Raced P.I.R. for the 3rd time since the shoulder injury. It was the 41st anniversary race and a really good turnout. There were 13 riders in the womens class and I ended up with a 6th, and an 8th. Not as good as I would have hoped, but starting to get my confidence back little by little.
Racing Wahougal Sun. and have confermation for the amatuer days the week of the national, so lots of training and riding to get ready.
Bye for now.

Apr 23 2007

Washougal was cancelled due to rain, so my Dad and me decided to drive down to Albany and race there. I had never raced there before, so I was really looking forward to the day. Practice went well, and I liked the track layout. There was 19 riders in the womans class, and I was about 5th into the first corner. I dropped back to about 13th after the first few corners, but by the third lap had worked back up to 9th. I was right behind the rider in 8th, when I swapped out on a really fast straight, dislocating my shoulder. I have taken a couple of weeks off to heal, and had my first ride last Sat. at Woodland MX park. We practiced Sat. and Sun. and it feels really good to be back riding. Our next race will be May 13th at Washougal MX park. It's GREAT to be back.