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Personal History

My name is Chris and for as long as I can remember I loved motorcycles and racing. I have been riding since I was 6 years old. My uncle got me interested in racing because he raced flat track. My first race was at Timonium Maryland on a small concrete indoor flat track. After that it was mainly trail riding until I was a teenager. I started racing motocross for a summer when I had a bad crash and rushed to the hospital with a concussion. Unfortunately racing got to be a little to expensive for my parents and so it was back to trail riding. Now that I'm working full time and supporting my racing, I get out as much as I can. My family supports me and is at almost every race I attend. I started in the C class and was in that for 2 years until I pointed out and the AMA said I must race B now. It's tough but fun. I raced the 250B class and 25+ B class last year. I finished 4th in points in the 25+ class which was a huge reward for me. Hoping for better results in both classes this year. 

Riding Goals

Since getting moved up to B class, I'm hoping for better finishes than last year. It would be great to get on the podium some time this year, but I know it will be hard and I will need to practice. I'm working out in the gym during the off season to get in shape to chase this goal of reaching the podium. 

Competitive Highlights

My highlights are a few top 5 finishes in C class and getting moved to B class last year. Also finishing 4th at Harrisburg's annual Motorama race in front of thousands of people.