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Personal History

I am 37 years old from Mobile, AL. I have been riding and racing since I was 12 years old. Worked my way up to racing and competing in the C class took a bad spill in my mid 20's and gave up racing to focus on my family and work. My then 2 year old son is now 15 and is really wanting to get into the sport along with my 10 year old son. We are all going to start riding and racing together and I am so happy that my boys love the sport of Motocross as much as I do.

Riding Goals

I want to be the best rider and racer that I can be. I also want to push my two sons (15 & 10) to be the best that they can be as well. I want to pick up where I left off and continue to do well once I get my "wheels" back under me and move my way up as far as I can go.

Competitive Highlights

Won several D class series in the early 2000's in my local area. Moved up to C class and scored several top 5 finishes with a few podium spots. Finished 2nd two times in C class racing in a span of two seasons before my accident that sidelined me for a while.