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Personal History

When I was about 6 years old my step dad started racing the CKMS series as a pro rider. Shortly after that I got my first motorcycle, it was a ktm50sx. I had it for a few years then I outgrew it and my parents sold it. I didn't have a motocross bike for 10 until I was 18 and got back from a deployment with the army I bought my first bike, it was a 2001 cr125. I loved that bike and I just rode it around, went to the track with friends and rode. I noticed I was pretty quick and picked up the fundamentals quite quick. So I decided to go race the OCCRA in Oklahoma. But unfortunately I seized my engine my first race, which led me to buying my 03 cr250, I've spent about 5000-6000 on extra parts to make it the best it can be to my liking. I have been doing exceptionaly well with it being my first year of racing

Riding Goals

A big goAL of mine is making it AMA FIM monster energy ranking. Become a local pro rider Do the best I can Always push myself to ride faster and smarter

Competitive Highlights

Being my first year of racing I have ever done exceptionaly well. I have paced top top 5 at all races except one. Leaning how to whip and scrub jumps to better my speed