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Christian Rolland

Christian Rolland

Age 43
Location Corona, CA, US
Rider # 318
Site Rank 7292
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Classes Motocross

About Me

My name is Christian Rolland and I have been in the motocross community for the past 15 years.  After a long stay I have returned to ride again competitively for the past two years.  I began riding a yz-80 when I was 14 years old and that transitioned into...

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Rider Updates

Christian has had a lot of success at the 2009 Fantastic 4 Series.  The competition has been above average and the Perris Raceway facility have given the field a fantastic set of tracks to ride.During practice CR318 noticed his rebuilt KX250F was not running as expected and came back to the pits for a few adjustments.  Unfortunitly the adjustments were not enough to get the bike back into top running order so the decision was made to ride it as it was because the points lead was on the line.25+ VET Class / Moto 1:  At the gatedrop Christian gets right to the front of the pack up to 300 feet and then the bike cuts (like it hit it rev limiter but didn't).  It was obvious he was unhappy with the performance as the bike took twice as long to get through the powerband and required short shifting just to get around the track.  CR318 managed to limped the bike around the track long enough to salvage a 3rd place finish in the moto.250F NOV / Moto 1:  CR318 came into the evening tied for points with Dylan Anderson #5 at 42 up.  As they lined up for the gate CR318 grabbed the best inside line to try and squeeze a few positions out in the first turn.  As the gate dropped again Christian got a great jump off the gate and the bike pulled HARD from the low-mid range but again quickly fell off it’s power band up top.  CR318 was able to keep up with the riders through the 1st lap until a trick infield double section (which consumed several riders earlier) too caused CR318 to back down.  There wasn’t enough reliable top end to clear back to back 50 ft doubles. CR318 continued to push dispite the engine problems and managed to squeeze out a 6th place finish.25+ / Moto 2:  CR318 had enough with the engine problems and with the 25+ class being an OPEN class quickly mounted his KX450F cold and hurried to the gate.  Also switching up his starting line to ensure he was able to get the best t

Race Results

Date Event Class Place
Dec 19 2009 Fantastic 4 - Round 4 - Perris Raceway 6th
Dec 19 2009 Fantastic 4 - Round 4 - Perris Raceway 3rd
Dec 19 2009 Fantastic 4 - Round 4 - Perris Raceway --
Dec 19 2009 Fantastic 4 - Round 4 - Perris Raceway --
Dec 5 2009 Fantastic 4 - Round 3 - Perris Raceway 9th


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