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Personal History

My name is Christian Rolland and I have been in the motocross community for the past 15 years.  After a long stay I have returned to ride again competitively for the past two years.

I began riding a yz-80 when I was 14 years old and that transitioned into riding/racing at a local level.  During a mid-week practice at Starwest a fellow Yamaha rider at the time by the name of Jeff Emig landed on me on of a large double jump.  Off to the hospital I went.  The great news is that the internal bleeding was controlled and was able to ride again in just a few months.  When I saw Emig again at Anaheim 1 he said “Dude I thought I killed you!”  And this was my first experience with motocross but I got a great custom autographed picture.

Rather than being scared to ride and race it inspired me to get more involved, practice more, move up a bike class and grow my knowledge of the sport.  I worked harder and longer and attended formal training sessions with Donnie Hanson at his motocross academy up north.  I was progressing quickly and found myself working out with team Suzuki for the next upcoming supercross season in 1997.  Unfortunately during a testing session I was seriously injured, I was in a heat with a fellow rider and an amateur rider got in my way before the finish line double.  I changed lines so I wouldn’t loss too much time and the next thing I remember is the EMTs racing over to me saying “Don’t move!”  The injury shattered my left foot into 8 pieces, broke my collarbone clean through and fractured a couple vertebra in my back.

~~ 8 years passed ~~ 

I was able to take my career in a different direction and am now a successful Chief Technology Officer at a Computer Security firm.  I have also made a complete recovery from my previous injuries and am healthy enough for riding again but I found myself facing a different dilemma, my mental health (from stress) began to deteriorate from being a ‘workaholic’ and getting enough exercise.  So the last couple of year have provided me with the perfect opportunity to return to the only sport that I have ever loved, Motocross.

With three years now under my belt I am healthier, stronger and more knowledgeable than ever before.  Motocross may no longer be a job for me but it is a deep passion that I am driven to peruse, learn and share with others every day.

On the track I lineup to win, but off the track I do everything I can to assist fellow riders, provide advice, and promote the sport of motocross in a positive light.  Recently I have found myself operating in many off-track capacities for fellow family members such as ride coach, Trainer, Mechanic and business consultant.  Most recently I have found my greatest success constructing training and racing program has allowed me to step up my skill, time and resource to compete at a high level again.

All my family members ride; my wife got started two years ago shortly after we got married.  She has recruited my sister, her sister, and several of their friends.  I spend my extra time at the track, when I’m not on my bike, I am helping wrench, motivating and training fellow riders.  With just a year of me working with my students they are already racing competitive race series.


Riding Goals

My goals for the new 2010 season are definitely a step up from last year.

  My first goal of the 2010 season is to remain healthily and be at the events that I have planned for the upcoming season.  This keeps my motivation high, program running and sponsors feeling good about their investment.  Second I am going to be focused on competing in several regional "series" this year as opposed to one-off races.  My event schedule is going to include Hot Summer Nights, Perris's Fantastic 4, the Triple Crown of MX, SoCAL OT MX Series, and a couple others to be announced.  This is important because I want to gain the experience and confidence that I can compete week in and out and prove that I can be constant.  Lastly it is a key goal to move up to the Novice class next year as I continue to progress in skill and speed.

  Off the track, I would like to continue to teach motocross to my friends and family.  I operate a semi-school today focused on coaching women riders.  It's something I feel into as I was able to get my wife to start riding.  I would like to continue that effort and help them build a group and team that is challenging, fulfilling for the riders and exciting for sponsors.

Competitive Highlights

Took 1st place at the 2009 Fantasic 4 - Round 1 at Perris Raceway

Took 1st Place for the VET 25+ class in the Dirt Alliances Aviator Series at Milestone MX.

Trained formally with Donnie Hanson @ DHMA

And building ....