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Personal History

I have played sports my whole life and missed that feeling of competing. All of my friends have been riding since they were little kids, so I decided that it was time to give it a try. I have fallen in love with riding dirt bikes. I have 3 daughters 12, 9, and 3 month old, they have been coming to the races with me and my two oldest daughters have began to take interest into riding as well. This is definitely a sport that my whole family enjoys and we plan on doing it as long as we can. 

Riding Goals

I’m a very competitive person my goals and expectations are to win at everything I do. With me being new to the sport and not touching a bike until I was 30 years old I’m in a learning curve and struggling with not getting the results i am used to. My expectations are to win the over all championship in the over 30 amateur program within 2 years then continue to move up in the classes. What started out as a hobby is quickly becoming something that I really enjoy to do and expect to be the best every time I hit the track.

Competitive Highlights

So far in my short racing career all I am focusing on is continuing to grow and get better with every race. I have set out to finish every race in the series this year inside the top 10 of my class and have achieved that goal,