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Rider Updates

Jun 25 2019

Took home 2nd overall last weekend at Morelands Mx in the warrior class (military). Pretty pumped on where im at with my new bike this year. Shout out to my sponsors for keepin me and my bike on rails...

@396graphics @answeracing @protaper @flowvision @acerbisusa @matrixconcepts @veteranmxfoundation

Jun 16 2019

Getting pretty comfortable on my new bike this year.  I have plans to race the Morelands Motocross Park summer series at the end of July, and with my new work schedule I do the best I can to try and hit races on as many Saturdays as possible between AMA D14 and other local races here in Michigan. I've been able to sneak in some seat time a couple hours during the week, and its helped me a lot lately. Couldn't be happier with the support this year, thank you.

@396graphics @AnswerRacing @Protaper @Acerbis @Flowvision @Veteran_MX

Feb 7 2019

Bikes looking great, shoutout to @396graphics @answerracing @protaper @flowvisioncompany @acerbisusa @veteranmxfoundation for supporting me for my 2019 race season....

Dec 17 2018

Sitting here workin on my bike, wishing spring would get here already. Throwing around a few different ideas for how I want my Ktm 350 sxf to look for the 19 season. Shout out to #answerracing and #protaper for the continued support through the 2019 season. Shout out to #flowvision for 2019, and to #Ktm for makin badass bikes!

Nov 7 2018

I have some major goals for the off season to be ready for the 2019 season. This season has had some major ups and downs, but I am focusing on getting fit, eating right, and getting mentally prepared for next year. I purchased a new bike towards the end of this past season, and I am still getting adjusted to the new ergonomics and bigger motor than what I'm used to. I'm currently trying to line up new sponsors or continue a couple of contracts through a second season that I have been really happy with. This sponsorship program has been very good to me, and I appreciate all of the support through 2018.

Oct 22 2018

Season Is pretty much over here in Michigan, gonna get a few more rides in before snow flys. Its been a struggle this season, ive gone from winning a spring series in the beginning of the year, to now struggling just to get in the top 10. I have been battling a lot of physical and mental barriers on the track, and Im hoping to get those sorted out before the start of next season, overall its been a decent year and im now on a new bike.

May 31 2018

Sitting 1st in the spring series division points at Morelands motocross park in Stanton, MI for Vetsport class with one round left and a healthy points lead!

Apr 23 2018

Took the win in my class saturday night for the first race of the season. Not a bad way to start the year, thanks to babbits online, answer racing, protaper, spy, fusion graphix for keepin me fresh out there, time to get right gotta defend these points!

Apr 2 2018

Good start to the season, just needs to stay above 40 already here in Michigan! Got back on the bike after a long 6 months of healing from my injuries last year.  Been back on the bike again twice, feeling pretty good so far, almost like I never left! Looking forward to seeing what I can bring to the table this year. Shout out to my current sponsors for keeping my bike dialed in and me lookin good! #Babbitsonline #Protaper #Answerracing #Spyoptics #Fusiongraphix

Jan 10 2018

Hitting the gym getting ready for spring...the snow needs to go away I have that moto itch! #babbittsonline #spyoptics #protaper #fusiongraphix #answerracing

Nov 29 2017

Can't wait to get back out there in the spring, still workin the kawi makeover got some great support in my moto arsenal now for the 2018 season. Thank you to my sponsors: Babbitt's online, Fusion graphix, ANSR, Pro Taper, Spy, Rtech, and .......#119KaWi

Oct 22 2017

I want to thank Answer, Spy, Pro taper, Rtech, and for the support this year and into 2018.  I am currently rebuilding my Kx 250f so it will be race ready with a fresh setup for the 2018 season. Can't wait to get out there again in the spring, fully healed and back to 100 percent for next season. Glad to be part of, thank you.

Sep 25 2017

Thank you pro taper for the support through 2018, also thank you to spy goggles, and ride live be for your great support, although a bad accident caused me to end my in high spirits and cant wait to be getting back at it for the love and passion that I have for the sport. My bikes pretty bent up from the tree but I took the worst of it, im healing well but still have to see my scapula specialist so I can find out when im goin back to work. Morelands Motocross and a few friends put a benefit ride together for me on September 23rd which included raffle drawings and mock motos helping raise money towards my cause considering I had a torn aorta and almost lost my life. I'll be back in 2018 stronger than ever I love motocross too much for this to keep me down. Cant wait to throw a leg over the bike again. Over the off season I plan on getting myself ready physically for 2018 and fixing a broken '16 kx250f along the way. I also plan on attending many more races after I get back to where I was in riding shape. For now its xbox and rest..My list of injuries include a torn aorta (which healed) 11 broken ribs and 5 of them have titanium plates after having to pry my ribcage back open. A collapsed lung, 2 broken vertebrate, and a broken scapula (shoulder blade), so im very thankful im still here in this world. I hit a tree at 50 mph and was the worst crash of my life, on the road to recovery now. Till next time...peace!

Sep 15 2017

I just wanted to thank spy optics and ride live be for supporting me , your products are great and even though I am out for the remainder of the 2017 season due to a horrible accident, I will continue to promote and advertise your products and brand any way I can and would love to continue our relationship in 2018. I may be down now but I'm comin back strong in 2018 thank you again to my sponsors!

Sep 2 2017

Unfortunately I am out for the season, I have suffered 11 broken ribs, broken shoulder blade, torn aorta , fractured vertebrate, collapsed and bruised lung causing me to be oxygen dependant, I am having surgery tomorrow getting plates put in my ribcage to rebuild it and maximize my lung capacity, I was flung sideways into a tree on my bike at 50mph, I'll be back next year strong, this really sucks!

Aug 26 2017

picked up ride live be for a sponsor, just ordered a tshirt thank you for the support!

Aug 25 2017

Just picked up Spy Optics for my 1st ever goggle sponsor! Thank you for your support! I just ordered the infinite white omen goggles with a 20 pack of tearoffs, cant wait to rock em! Headed out to Martin Mx tomorrow for some practice with a couple of good friends, should be a good day of rippin...

Aug 24 2017

The Morelands motocross summer series ended well, got 2nd in the series championship for my class, awards ceremony is sep 23rd pretty pumped! Now that the series is over im gonna try to hit up a few more races before the season is over, should be fun!

Aug 15 2017

Feeling pretty good, ribs are almost back to normal, bikes all cleaned up and ready to roll for the series championship final round at Morelands Motocross in Stanton, MI, The last round crash hurt me in points but I still have 2nd place in the series by 8 points. Gonna come down to the last race this weekend, im bringin home that second for sure, lets hope for a good night!

Aug 5 2017

Got taken out in round 4 of the morelands motocross under the lights series, bruised ribs, guy took my line away in mid flight and pretty much used the right side of me and my bike for his landing, very discouraging night, bike flipped a couple times, suprisingly the only damage is on my muffler where the other bikes footpeg went into the side of it, still shocked i walked away and nothing was bent on the bike, im amazed lol.