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Personal History

Well my name is Christopher but everyone calls me C.J. I ride a 2012 Kawasaki 450f. i love to ride, race and just have fun on a motorcycle. i also like hunting, fishing, swimming, paintballing, camping, and spending time with my family and friends. Confidence flows in my blood and carry myself with a positive outlook and my head held high no matter what happens or where i go! 

Riding Goals

goals for me would have to be to become pro either at a local and regional level but possibly at the ama pro level. another goal of mine is to own and operate a motocross shop with a test track on site so when someone wants to test ride a bike they can right there at the facility and just to be able to ride while im at work :).

Competitive Highlights

Competitive highlights, well i have rode motorcycles my whole life and didnt get into racing till i was about 13. the first year i raced i finished first overall in the local series.  after that i started racing in the wild west series which consists of tracks in nevada, utah, and idaho. i race the junior class and hope to finish in the top three this year if i can make all the races. other than that my career has been a low either with bike problems when i was riding a honda crf 250 in the 2006 2007 season or injury. but now im all healed up and riding the new kawasaki kx450f and ready to kick butt.