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Rider Updates

Jan 25 2011

May 8 2009

ya it is fianlly startin to come true, me and my buddy are starting a extreme sport facility here in the small town of carlin where i live. we are leasing land from the city and goin to do fund raisers to pay for the insurance and start our business.  yes it is goin to take a lil time but the city is behind us. we are looking for any company that is willing to donate time, equipment, and goodies. also any sponsors that wanna sponsor it and help would would be greatly appreciated.

te facility will have a motocross style track and a supercross track and a 50s track. this is goin to be an outdoor facility. and we are goin to add bmx and possibly freestyle and foam pit in time. this is my dream and it is finally coming true and hopefully i can get some help from the motocross community to get this done faster.