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Personal History

I love to race motocross, It's all I think about! When not riding I love to hunt with my dad who owns and operates Foster's Taxidermy. He is really trying to teach me this trade but not sure it's for me. Plus I really enjoy the oudoors in general and enjoy riding horses when I find the time. I have found myself starting to work out alot more since turning 16 and getting my licence. I actually enjoy it, which is helping me to make it a daily ritual.






Riding Goals

My main goal for this year is to make it to more races in Colorado to ride with faster girls. It's not about winning this year but about improving even more. I won The Nebraska Cornhusker motocross series last season in Nebraska, There are good girls there but I need to ride against amazing talent so I am pushed to ride at the utmost of my abilities. I found myself just riding to keep my point's lead last year. This year is gonna be about learning even more and pushing!

Competitive Highlights

My first year of racing was two years ago and I made it in to the series just in time to make the year end points. I finished senond overall in the Nebraska Cornhusker Motocross series. We were pretty excited. Last season I raced full time in the NCMA and finished 1st overall! I raced several events against the boys and usually finished in the top seven. I felt pretty good about this. It's nice to get experience outside of the womens division. Plus we raced several time in the Tri State circuit as well. Didn't have enough races to qualify for year end awards but I had several 1st place finishes and the worst was 4th. Plus I raced a couple events in Colorado in the RMXA. I was running strong for several events got 2nd in Berthoud but DNF at Thunder valley due to a pretty nasty crash!