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Rider Updates

Jun 18 2015

So I had to have surgery on my left ankle on June 11th. I now have a plate and 5 screws in my fibula from a crash that happened at Thunder Valley in Lakewood Colorado on March 28th. It's gonna be a long summer!! I'm so ready to start racing already.

Jun 1 2015

Well I am supposed to have ankle surgery on June 11th at Ortho of The Rockies in Loveland Colorado. I am praying that I can put it off and get in a few more races for my amazing sponsors!! I have raced 2 times with a broken ankle have done pretty well. In Wheatland Wyoming I got a 3rd first moto and a 1st second moto for a 2nd overall!!

Apr 10 2015

Well Lakewood didn't go as planned!! Cased a double on Saturday practice and broke my ankle. Should of read the signs on the way there when we blew two tires on the toy hauler friday!! Well the bright side is there is a pretty good gap in the races and I should be ready to go in 6-8 weeks. Probably only miss one race on the Tri State circuit.  

Feb 20 2015

Well Its about that time of year to get to racing. I want to give a big shout out to Staman's Suzuki for doing a bunch of work on my bike before the season gets here. Needed a new top end and rear wheel and fork seals, chain and sprockets and a few other minor things!! Can't wait to get her home!!!

Aug 8 2014

Pretty excited! I am signed up for two days of mx school with Donnie Hanson on August 22-23. I'm really excited about learning some better technique and positioning skills. Hopefully help me in my quest to getting faster and mor effeciant.

Mar 21 2014

Well the 2014 season is just about here! Took 1st overall last year, see if we can repeat!

Nov 22 2013

I can't say thank you enough to all my sponsors and to my family for all the support I have had this year. Winning the championship this year is a dream come true. Thank you so much, I can't wait for the new season!! Cid #697

Jan 30 2013

Oh my god I'm so pumped my dad just bought a new 2013 KX 250f from Maxwells Kawasaki in North Platte Nebraska. I can't wait to set it up with all of my awesome sponsors on this site. I'm Jacked!!!

Dec 10 2012

Well ended up second overall in the cornhusker motocross association series. Special thanks to all of the people and sponsors who helped me out this year. I couldn't have done it without all of you. So excited already to start a new year and get first! Did I mention that this year was my first competing!

Oct 14 2012

So close today! Was one bike length from 1st today, I gave it everything I had, plus raced both motos with a possible broken finger. We will have to see what the x-rays show today. Also I love my Go Pro! My dad bought it for me and it is going to be an amazing learning tool, now we can watch and review where I am making errors, and where I am at my strongest!

Oct 7 2012

Wow! boy was the race in Wauneta something way different then anything I have ever done!! 1 inch of rain two days before the race then 5 inches of snow on top of that then an overnight low of 17 deg. Talk about a mudfest come race time, When the sun started melting the snow and the frost broke it was like riding on grease. The ruts at times were over a foot deep and no traction at all!! Oh well I overcame it and still ended up with second I am very proud of my accomplishment this year!!

Sep 30 2012

Well I didnt think I was going to get to race at the tsdr event in Sunol Ne but my dad took a day off his hunting schedule and we made it to the second day of the two day event. 13 girls in my class and One really fast girl from Rapid Cidy SD who all the girls said couldnt be beat! Well the first moto I came in second only 5 sec behind her and I came back the second moto and took first!! I am so excited! I raced my butt off to make this happen, I love my KX250f!

Sep 23 2012

Race in Alma!!!

Sep 21 2012

I am now 1st in points overall in woman's B in the cornhusker association !

Sep 16 2012

Race in wauneta!!

Sep 9 2012

My dad, myself and 3R Racing (Jeff, Ty, and Kole Ramer) are building a new track on our property in Indianola Nebraska! Finally a place for practice, we are building it very difficult with tons of turns and big jumps so we can all practice on our weak points!!

Sep 9 2012

My Dad and Gilbert from Maxwell's Kawasaki in North Platte just put some new springs in my front suspension on my kx100 it handles so much better!

Sep 9 2012

I am so pumped that I am in second place overall in the points for the Cornhusker Motocross series in Nebraska!!

Sep 9 2012

I am so excited that Decal Works has added me for the 2013 race season already!! Pumped!! Thank you Decal Works!!!

Aug 4 2012

Race in norton the 4th and 5th

Jul 28 2012

July 28th I have a super cross race in Benkleman NE.

Jul 21 2012

2nd place in Norton Kansas at the Cornhusker race, Had a bad fall and couldnt get out from under the bike, was in the lead by at least 20 seconds, we will get em next time. Thank you so much to all our sponsors we couldn't do it without your help!!

Jul 1 2012

Jun 30 2012

My next race is july 1 in sunol nebraska

Jun 28 2012