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Personal History

I started riding three wheelers when I was six and have been riding ever since. I began riding bikes when I was sixteen and started racing when I was nineteen. A local novice is the highest ranking I achieved but feel like I am as fast or faster today. In recent years, I have focused on vintage racing and a little bit of cross country racing.

Professionally, I have my bachelors degree in accounting and work for a small CPA firm in my home town.

Riding Goals

My number one goal is to win the vintage series. I would also like to get top ten in the intermediate class in select races of the TORN cross country series. How many races I do will depend on how much support I receive.

Competitive Highlights

My most competitive highlights have been being competitive against the expert and pro racers from the seventies who compete in the vintage series. They still go pretty fast!

Another highlight would be starting from last place and working my way up to third in the amateur class of the TORN cross country series in my very first cross country race. I did the same thing the second time I raced in that series. That gave me confidence that I should be in the intermediate class.