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Personal History

Born:                      2001, Peoria, Illinois

Reside:                  East Peoria, Illinois

Education:            1st Grade for the 2008-2009 School Year

Skill Level:            National Level

Class:                    50cc Shaft (2006-08), 65cc Mod & Stock (Upcoming 2009 Race Season), 86-125                                4-Cycle (Upcoming 2009 Race Season)

Height:                   4 foot, 3 inches

Weight:                 53 lbs.

My Ride:                Yamaha 50cc (2006-08), Suzuki RM65 (2009), LEM 50 (2009)


First Started:        Started riding in 2004 at the age of 3, but didn't start racing until the summer of 2005 at the age of 4.


Personal:              Clayton set the national high for comprehension last year in kindergarden.  He also has an above average skill level in math, and enjoys being challenged.  Clayton strives to learn as much as he can each day and enjoys learning anything new. 


Racing background:          Clayton started riding when he was 3, but wasn't able to race until the following summer because of age restrictions.  Clayton started racing on short tracks at the age of 4, and that year also started to race on TT tracks.  He raced at the national level the summer of 2007, and has raced at the state championship level in 2008.  His current racing agenda from this summer, 2008, was dirt track and TT.  During the off months of the racing season, Clayton rides on a 1/6 mile during fall, winter and spring, until the next race season.   


Crossover Sports: Flag football, t-ball, and soccer

Press Clippings: Cycle USA, July 2008, Pages 12-13
Cycle USA, September 2008, Page 25
The Peoria Journal Star, October 13, 2008, Page C-1

Riding Goals

Race flat track with a different bike, Suzuki RM65, race in the 2009 National Championship and finish number 1 overall in the Amateur class, race in the 2009 Illinois State Championships and finish number 1, and, if possible, to ride again on the Peoria TT track as it was allowed this summer (2008).

Plans For The Future:        Furthering the education aspect, obtaining a sponsorship with a widely known company to further enhance the racing experience, to continue to race in the classes that are allowed, due to age restrictions, and to continually learn to ride the next class of bike, higher up than the class currently racing in

Competitive Highlights

2006 District 17 Flat Track: 3rd Overall


2007 Amateur Nationals: DuQuoin, Illinois-8th Overall

2007 District 17 Flat Track: 4th Overall


2008 Illinois State Championship 1/2 Mile: Knoxville, Illinois-1st Overall

2008 Illinois State Championship Short Track: Macomb, Illinois-1st Overall

2008 Race Season - 10, 1st place consecutive race finishes                                                    
District 17 Flat Track: 3rd (currently as of 09/30/08) Overall