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Personal History

My name is Clyden Formosa and I am an Enduro enthusiast. Although I am still young, my dream is to train and compete in this challenging sport professionally. I drive a Beta 300rr motorbike and take part in local races. In fact, my next competition is the National Championship which is taking place on the 11th of November at Fawwara and the being organised by the Assocjazzjoni Sport, Muturi u Karozzi (

I started riding at the age of 10, at the age of 14 I started racing enduro, started riding a ktm then at the age of 15 i started riding Beta. I'm a very hard working person and I will give my 110% to my sponsors and for myself.

Riding Goals

 Just bought the new beta 300rr and started racing last year 2019  So I am intermediate racer but have never been so passionate about something. I am on my bike every chance I get and am practicing everyday. I have always been looking for something and I believe dirt bike racing is something. My future racing plans and goals are to enter as many races as I can in the 2021 season and move up classes. My goal for 2021 is to finish the season with a podium finish in the Class B. My future in racing is just getting started down a very long and fun road! My ultimate goal is to be running in the A class within 1 years and to keep on going up my carrier with as many sponsors as I can get.

Competitive Highlights

P2 In Fawwara Enduro National Championship 2020

P3 In Woto Moto Enduro Race 2020

Top 10 In Fawwara Race 2019