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Personal History

I used to race little races at my local track Like Friday night lights and any race that came along when i was there and i won a bunch of them. then this year i started getting more competitive with my races and it all comes naturally. I raced loretta lynn this year and qualified for regionals, i train everyday first i go to weight train then i go on a five mile run then i go back in the hills behind my house on the track i built. I was Motoing my little brother one day and he was really pushing it so i was too and i blew out my forks that day. Loretta Lynn regionals are in a week but my dad won't let me race them with my bike in the condition it is and he won't pay for it because my stepmom doesn't want me racing and my mom just moved so she cant afford it untill the end of the month then ill be back next year hopefully to win it.

Riding Goals

Im racing Loretta Lynn and i am training to win it everyday

Competitive Highlights

Won a bunch of Friday night lights on 85cc2 stroke and 150cc4stroke class and i qualified for regionals in Loretta Lynn.