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Personal History

I am absolutely focused on getting my AMA memberships and starting to race competitivley. I do play other sports in my off time though, I play baseball, i snowboard, wakeboard, and i am focused on school and my grades. I believe that a good education is the key to your future. At the moment i'm taking time to practice a lot and i'm mowing a lot of grass to get some cash together and try to start racing competitively.

Riding Goals

I have a few goals for this upcoming season, these are to, get my AMA memberships, I want to get faster (but then again who doesn't), and i really want to get in even better shape then i'm already in.

Competitive Highlights

I haven't ever been in a competitive race, but i have been out on a few of the local tracks for open practice, and i've been on many, many, many privately owned tracks.