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Personal History

hello my name is colby modderman.... and i love to race if it wasnt invented i dont no what i would do other than skate.. lol i come in a family of 5 my mom debby my dad mike sister hope and my brother alex.. my dad has been taking me to the races ever since i was 8 years old when i first started to race... If u have any questions that i did not awenser u the write me or write me at my email 

Riding Goals

i have alot of goals for the coming year like i want to go to ponca city i already qualifeyd 3 times but i didnt have the money to go.. i also want to go to loretta and world minis so i can prove people how good of a racer i can be. so i can earn that factory ride i have been wanting for ever..if motocross does not work out then ill try to become a pro skater..

Competitive Highlights

i dont get the question but ill explain the best i can...... some of my copeteive hight lite was when i first started to race my first race ever i got second place...their was this one race in rupert idaho.. my dad promised me if i win he would by me a ktm  65.. but i lost cuz i slid out in a couner thats what i remember.. i have basicly been getting top 5 every race but if its bad i get like top 10.