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Personal History

Colby is 12 years old and has been riding since he was 4. He lives in Troup, TX with his mom, dad and two older sisters. His passion for riding came from watching his dad race and he quickly made it a big part of his life as well. Colby is very smart and gets along with everyone he meets. He loves school and makes good grades.

Colby started off riding a Yamaha Pw50 when he was four and started racing it in March 2014. He quickly caught on and was ready for something with more speed so he went to a 2009 KTM Jr 50. After an injury in 2016 he took a break from racing but has now started training again. He now races a 2019 KTM 85. He will race this season at Swann MX Park in Tyler, TX and then begin training hard to prepare for next season and attend more races.

Riding Goals

After being sidelined by an injury and taking a break from racing, Colby is back and rearing to go. He had upgraded to a 2019 KTM 85 and has started training and racing at our local race track...Swan MX. After this racing season is over, Colby will start training hard for next year and will try to qualify for Lorettas in 2021.