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Rider Updates

Jun 29 2020

Colby is officially back to racing. He has upgraded to a 2019 KTM 85 and will race the Swan MX Night Series. His first official race on his new bike is July 4th!

Dec 3 2014

Colby finished his last race at Swann with a 6th overall for the entire race season! We are super proud of him and all he has accomplished this year! Can't wait to see what next year will bring. So far he is planning to race in the arenacross series for 2015.

Aug 19 2014

Colby didn't do as good at this last race. He wrecked right out of the starting gate when he collided with another racer and there were a lot of track changes that threw him off a little but overall he didn't do too bad. Better luck next race!

Big thank you to all of his sponsors for their continued support!

Jun 12 2014

Colby is currently holding 5th in points for his class. Way to go Colby!

Jun 9 2014

Colby had a good race Saturday night and is getting faster and more comfortable on the track. He didn't finish as good as we would have liked but did really well overall. Now that summer is here it is time to hit the track hard and get in lots of training.

Jun 5 2014

Race time this weekend. Can't wait to see Colby tear it up out there!

May 27 2014

Colby had a great race at Swan. It is the first time on his new KTM so it took him a little bit to get used to the way it handles on the track but over all did really well. He is going to keep practicing to get better and faster so he can finish off the night series and prepare for the AMA District Championship that is coming up in August. Look for Colby out on the track!

Apr 23 2014

Big thanks to Risk Racing for their sponsorship. Colby has his new starting gate and has been working on his starts. This will help him better prepare for his races and maybe lead to a holeshot soon. :)

Apr 18 2014

Proud to announce that Colby will now be riding for the Munn KTM Race team. Yesterday we bought him a 2009 KTM jr 50. He is super excited. Ready to see how well he does on his new bike.



Apr 1 2014

Shout out to everyone who has offered sponsorships to help Colby out with his racing endeavors. We appreciate it so much. Choice Hotels, Leatt, Smtih Optics, Risk Racing, Streamline, Lucas Oil, Perelli, Decal Works, and Matrix Concepts! We thank you so much!

Mar 31 2014

Colby entered his first race ever over the weekend. Up to this point he had only been on an acutal race track twice the week of the race for practice. He rode in the 50cc open class with 11 other riders and placed 6th in his first moto and 9th in his second moto with an 8th place finish overall, which is not bad out of 12 at all! He will finish out this series which runs 1 weekend out of each month. It is the Texas Lone Star Night Series held at Swan MX Park in Tyler, TX. He will also enter other races in between and I will update those dates once I get them. We also want to thank the companies that have offered Colby sponsorships to help with his upcoming season. Big thank you to Smith Optics, Streamline Braking, Lucas Oil, and Risk Racing! We appreciate your help and look forward to seeing Colby excel with your products.