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Personal History

My name is Cole Christianson and I have been racing motocross since I was 11 years old. My racing career began on a yz125 barely able to touch the ground with my feet. I raced steadily throughout the years up until now. 2012 was my best year of racing so far. I was racing C and was my first year on my 2010 YZ250F. I accumulated 8 trophies, including my first win, a 2nd, multiple 3rd place finishes and some 4th and 5th places as well. I also dominated C class at my local Mcloud County Fair race in August. I went 1-1 for both days of racing. 2013 summer my racing career slowed. We moved to CA for my dads job and I attended one race. I spent most my time just riding and bettering myself. We moved back to Minnesota at the end of the summer in 2013. During the winter of 2013 I attended one race at the Cedar Lake Arena in Wisconsin. In 2014 I did not get around to many races after getting a full time job. I attended maybe a few, and spent most my free time just riding at a local track near me whenever I could find time. I seemed to have lost my goals and interests for motocross that summer. Now recently I have been working hard to bring back those goals and put more of my time and effort into achieving the goals and my dream. I promised myself from then on I would never again let motocross slip away from me. I have been putting in hard work and track time and have made a tremendous improvement in the summer of 2014 riding and practicing. I have also spent the last year in the gym training off the bike.

Riding Goals

My ultimate riding goal would be to compete at an A class level and travel the nation to compete. I am currently racing B class. I would also like to be apart of some sort of team and gain support as my career advances.

Competitive Highlights

In 2012 I placed 2nd overall for the series points at Motocity Raceway. That was my best year of racing, winning 3 races in that summer.

2014 I have made a huge improvement and made the step from C class up to B and have seen tremendous improvement since the move up.