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Personal History

I started riding when I was 2 and started racing when I was 6.  My first race I finished 2nd, my second race I finished 3rd, and after that I won 21 consecutive races.  Racing is my passion.

I like to go fishing, boating, camping and I like to go to the beach.  I'm learning how to snow ski and wakeboard which is so cool.  I do good in school so I can race.

A huge thank you to my awesome sponsors for their support and for putting such innovative technology into making the best products out in the market. It gives me confidence and peace of mind when I'm out on the track knowing that I have the best products.  My winning race results depend on great products.  

They say that racing is a solo sport but I believe it's a team effort.  I would not be at the level I am today without my family and sponsors support.  I'm so thankful.  

See you at the races!

Riding Goals

Podium at the California Classic

Podium at World Mini

Finish top 10 at Mammoth

Podium at the local races

Finish top 10 at Loretta Lynn Area and Regional Qualifiers

Qualify to race at Loretta Lynn's 

Competitive Highlights

Winning the LCQ at Mammoth in the 250 Novice Class 2014.

Finished 4th overall at World Mini in the 250 Novice Class at Glen Helen 2014.

Finished 7th overall at World Mini in the Schoolboy 2 Class at Glen Helen 2014.

Getting the Coleshot (holeshot) at Mammoth in the 85cc Class in 2011.