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Personal History

  My name is Cole Workman, and I live in Bronston, KY with my Dad, Mom and little brother, Sam.  We live right on Lake Cumberland and can see the lake from our back porch.  I love to play outside and ride my BMX bike or my pit bike all day long.  I leave trails in my yard and my neighbors yards (if they let me).  I am very outgoing and love talking to people and visiting with friends and family.  I am also a homebody and want nothing more than my family to be together and to spend time at the racetrack.  We also like to go boating in the summer and ride SXS's in the fall and winter.  I got my first dirk bike, a PW-50, for my 3rd birthday!  I have upgraded to a Cobra Jr now and am really becoming competitive in my class.  

Riding Goals

My goals for 2021 are:

Practice Practice Practice, to improve my form and make me faster!

Top 6 at my first qualifier

Top 6 at my first Regional

1st place at Loretta Lynn's!

Competitive Highlights

I started racing January 19th, 2019 at Earlywine Racing in northern KY on a PW-50.  From there I practiced and went to an area qualifier at Thunder Valley MX in Livingston, TN and made it to the Regional Qualifer at RedBud and it was there that I knew I WANTED TO BE A MOTOCROSS RACER!  It was so exciting to see a place so full of people that loved dirt bikes as much as I did.  My dad bought me a KTM Mini and I started practicing with a coach who taught me proper form and I went on to complete the Southern Kentucky Arenacross Series and got 1st overall in my class at the KY State Arenacross Championship. 

Early this year when the AMA removed the class for KTM minis, my Dad bought me a brand new Cobra Jr from Minton Cycles so I had the best bike to compete with.  We have traveled all over this year from Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, and Indiana to hit as many races as possible.  My skills are improving and I feel that 2021 is taking me straight to Loretta's where I hope to be on the podium!