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Personal History

I have raced in the mid west and the highlands circuit. I have raced motocross my whole life and now at 25 want to hit it hard again in Wyoming racing in the 450 A class and 250 A class - I'm here to win and I'll prove.

Its 2020 now, and I have taken a few years off of racing. I have been rodeoing one the PRCA. Which is the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. I have competed all over the US. I have made circuit finals in the Mountain States PRCA Circuit two years now. Also I have gotten married, and we bought a ranch.  Now I’m back on the throttle and ready to build my practice track. 

Riding Goals

I will race the local HPMA circuit and get legged up for the Lorretta Lynn and AMA outdoor Motocross circuit. 

My goals are the same and even more driven now that I have land to build a few tracks. 2021 I will be competing in the HPMA RMXA and AMA sanctioned races. I will enter in the 250 A 450A and also the 30+ for Lorettas, HPMA RMXA.  

Competitive Highlights

I have won the B class in the High plains circuit and the C class in the mid west. Now, with motivation from former racers I'm going to win the Wyoming circuit (HPMA) in the A class in 2015.  

I have been rodeoing in the PRCA. Made Mountain Sates PRCA Circuit Finals twice and made top 5 in the circuit. Now it’s time to get back on the bike and make it happen. With the help and support for all my sponsors and friends and family. I know I can make it happen. I’m ready in better shape and stronger mind set then before.