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Rider Updates

Mar 29 2016

Training hard every day. I'm taking my bikes in to get new motors. Hoping to send them in to Pro Circuit, and also get my race tech suspension redone. Just keep pumping out laps and getting ready to make the first Loretta Lynn qualifier in May. 

Mar 24 2015

I have been working out, biking, running,and going to the gym. I also change my diet for more endurance and healthy eating. Stretching is my new battle but it's coming along. Balence excercises for better control and smooth riding. Built a motocross track here on the ranch and I work on ruts deep rollers lots of corners and some big doubles and triples to have fun. My main focus is on corner speed and control in sand and deep monster whoops like Millville. Every one can hit jumps. I want wheels on the ground and wide open throttle. I have great bikes this year and My fitness is on top.  Now Im going to go out and win races.