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Personal History

My name is Colten Inglet, i am 15 years old, I have been racing since I was 9 years old. Riding is my passion, and life. My grandparents are the ones who support my racing career without them i would be know where. i spend all my time with the wether at the gym, at the track, or going to movies or just chilling at home. I go to the gym 4 days a week and workout. on thursdays I go to Rivervalley mx and train with Craig Decker sometimes. I do go to public school i go to northwest highschool i am passing all classes but struggling only with spanish.

Riding Goals

For the 2012 season my goals for the season is to race some nationals, going to ponca placing top ten in 2the 250 c class, schoolboy class and maybe 450c or 250 mod. Also I am going to try my hardest to go to Lorettas and maybe win a title or place top ten. And race some local races.

Competitive Highlights

I hace raced 2 series called tccra and torn they are both cross country type racing series my latest championship is in torn last year in the 85 amateur class and 3rd in the 125 am class. 2011 i only raced the mini expert class and got 3rd in that class. In the beginning of the 2011 season i started training hard for motocross with Sean Hackley in the summer. I dont have any motocross titles, but i do have some wins and lots top 5 plces in a couple series ( Full moon series, texas blizzard series, and texas winter series i raced one).