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Personal History

So my names Colton Howcroft. I live in South Jordan, Utah. I have lived in Utah my whole life and i love it here. Besides the cold winters Utah is amazing for motocross and other hobbies. I am 19 years old. I have been riding four wheelers since i was 5 and dirt bikes since i was 11 years old. i started racing when i was 12. I had a major crash that almost left me dead in a race back in 2009. Since that accident my mom sold my dirt bikes and told me to stop racing. The moment i turned 18 i went and bought me a new dirt bike. There was no way that i was just going to stop the thing i loved the most. So i have been riding about 3 times a week since i got the bike. 2012 was my first year back from my crash. I think i did really good, i got 2nd overall for the year in 250F Junior and i was the overall year champion in Open Junior.. My other hobbies are, basketball, jeeping, and just about anything outdoors. Well that is a little about me. If you sponsor me you will NOT regret it, i will promote you and get you a lot of business. Thanks for reading this!

Riding Goals

My goals for this year are;


  • Try my hardest and give it all i have.
  • Go out on the track with a positive mindset.
  • Get on the podium more than three times in one series.
  • get 1st overall in my class for a race.
  • And try my hardest to get 1st overall for the year in my class!! 


Competitive Highlights

I have had a pretty good history on racing for being only 18 years old. I have won multiple first places in more than one class. I have podiumed almost every race in my classes. The big highlight was my crash back in 2009 that almost left me dead. Now that im all recovered from that injury i try now to keep my head up and stay positve.