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Rider Updates

Mar 11 2006

Colton Knowles racing in the Dist 15 Auto 2 class was 2nd off the line and into the hole shot. Colton rode his new KTM for this race, and the bike flat out runs!

We were 2nd and 3rd for MOST of the moto's, Colton was so excited and not used to the new KTM power, so he spun BOTH moto's on the final lap...allowing the riders behind him to pass at the finish. Moving him from 2 and 3rd to 4th and 5th. It was a LONG weekend, but Colton is looking forward to coming back strong starting outdoor series. LOOK OUT HERE WE COME!!~

Jan 25 2006

We are currently in 4th place for indiana District 15 indoor series points. We are currently running at the Motoplex in Laotto, Indiana. We have mostly run the KTM but got in some Cobra racing the other day. Excited for the outdoor series to get started in March!

Nov 1 2005

Colton Knowles of Willshire, Ohio recently took 3rd place (Auto 3) and 4th place (Auto2) over all for the 2005 "Sweet 16 Motorcross Championships". Colton was awarded 3rd and 4th place trophies as well as a gift certificate to spend towards gear or bike parts.

Oct 25 2005

Colton Knowles, racing his PW50 takes third place in the Ft. Wayne, Indiana Sweet 16 Motorcross Racing Series for 2005.

Colton started in mid-July, a few months after everyone else (who started in March). He raced hard, finished well and will complete the season with 3rd overall place 50cc 4-8 class.

Colton plans to ride indoor all Winter and perfect his riding skills. Next year he hopes for first place.

Oct 24 2005

Colton Knowles takes three 2nd place trophies at Read Great Racing Summer Series final race, October 22 and 23rd. Colton rode the 4-8 class, and the 7-8 class Saturday a.m. and Saturday night as well as the 4-8 class Sunday also.
There were many riders, it was cold & rainy. Colton even got sick & ran a temperature but determination would not allow him to quit.

His mom & dad were very proud of him.